You never let go…

Something I miss most about college is worship at our student Christian Fellowship group, GCF. Mostly I miss the people who I worshiped with. My dear friend and roommate, Emily was usually right by my side during our worship time. I get teary thinking about the sincere worship we did standing next to each other in Lee Chapel, the Commons, and various other places. I can picture Emily’s face–earnest and lovely, eyes closed, hands clasped or raised, singing loudly and mostly on key–just like me. Praising God together was a metaphor for how we stood next to each other through life during those years. Although we so often look back on college as being SO MUCH FUN, there were some roooough times. Times that brought us to God, times that made us  thankful for his providence in our lives.  I miss being with you all of the time, Emily, and I’m glad that we have reason to see one another often. But I still miss praising God together through singing.

This song sounds like something we would have sung together had it been written. Although He calls us to “let go,” He never will.

You Never Let Go–Matt Redman

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of my friend. I love you Lime!

Wien…ner Schnitzel

This morning, we will be worshiping here: The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession in Austria. Even better, our friend Jady, who is a curate for an Episcopal church in the city, will be preaching. This will be my second church service in Europe. The first was in Liss, England while I was at L´Abri (where somehow they conned me into reading scripture). I know that a church building does not matter in God´s economy, but there is something awesome about worshiping in a church building that is centuries older than the United States. It will be a great way to spend our last morning in Vienna.

We´ve survived our first sticky nights in a hostel. I have to admit, I miss our apartment in Prague. But I´m glad to be getting the hostel experience, even if it means listening to people talking loudly all night in the hallway and smoking outside our open window. It felt like trying to fall asleep inside someoneś cigarette. Overall, I don´t think the hostel life suits us, but it sure is cheap.

After watching the Wimbeldon finals this afternoon, we are headed to Salzburg! It is supposed to rain on Monday, so we have decided to stay in the city for an extra day. Hopefully, we will have a chill day with lots of reading and journaling. Somehow, we haven´t done much of that in a while. Currently, Iḿ working on Slaughterhouse Five by Vonnegut. After Salzburg, we will be in Munich for Germany´s next match!

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday, America! Unfortunately, all of my red, white, and blue clothes are dirty at the moment…