Resolving to resolve

No matter how deep the cynicism has set in, it’s hard not to be hopeful on New Year’s Day. There’s something about a fresh start that gets even the most skeptical up early and cranking out lists.

Here’s what I’m listening to while I resolve…

Brand New Day Joshua Radin

Happy New Year Rent: Original Broadway Cast

New Year’s Day U2

Feeling Good My Brightest Diamond

Get Real Get Right Sufjan Stevens

It’s Alright Dar Williams

Unclouded Day Caroline Herring

This Time Around Howie Day

I Was Made for Sunny Days The Weepies

Hope Set High Amy Grant

I Am Not My Hair India.Arie & Akon

Ready or Not Fugees

In the New Year The Walkmen

5 Years Time Noah and the Whale

What has Moxie resolved for 2011? Three years ago I resolved to drink more coffee and watch more TV. Since then I’ve watched all five seasons of The Wire, three seasons of Mad Men, and gotten hooked on Glee (terrible, I know). I also own a coffee grinder. Anyway, the POINT is that I’m good at keeping resolutions. This year I’m resolving…to resolve. To not leave things unsaid. To not say things that don’t need to be said.

In decorating, my mom is a firm believer in odd-numbered arrangements. That being said, here’s to an odd-numbered year. Let 2011 commence!

Girls Gone Wild Sans Gluten

Considering we have lots of self-esteem, Spring Break 2k10 is NOT really the spring break you might imagine, especially since it takes place in Naples, Florida. The Varsity baseball team as well as lots of old people are sharing our vacation destination.


Case In Point


It is my first Gluten-Free Vacation, which at first seems a little sad, especially in a place fraught with family traditions full of glutenous delights. However, I am traveling with none other than my GF inspiration, Betsy, who knows her way around vacation food!

Also, we are both passionate about reading, writing, Africa, gender issues, the color green, OD-ing on Lilly Pulitzer in college, chocolate, pedicures, tanning (outdoor of course), flexibility, traveling not-so-light, the Indigo Girls, cats named after Cats, sweet potatoes, clear carbonated beverages, Joe’s jeans, slow-and-steady running, coffee, peas, the outdoors…just to name a few.

We had an amazing day yesterday (Dear Reader, sorry if you are reading this at your desk. Love, Moxie).

Here’s my top ten list in reverse/chronological order.

1. Wake up: no alarm. Glorious.

2. Breakfast on the porch: Gluten free cinnamon english muffin (should English  be capitalized?) Betsy brought from Sally’s Bakery with cream cheese and homemade Jam. Delish

3. Coffee shop time: Finished paper on Sexuality and Identity for my gender class and turned it in (!) at Panera over hazelnut coffee. (side note: I read some great books in preparation for the paper that I will write about in a later post.)

4. We went grocery shopping at an organic market, where we bought food for the week for under $100. Amazing. Granted we both packed things like 4 eggs, 1/4 package of granola, airplane peanuts, half a half gallon of milk, 1/3 bag of farmstand spinach…so we had the basics covered, but STILL. If you don’t count booze (which we don’t) it almost meets the $7/day rule. Not bad, especially since it’s all organic.

5. Lunch: Chicken salad on greens, vegetable chips, sliced Gala apple. Perfect beach lunch.

6. PLEASURE reading at the pool:  It’s still a little chilly/windy for the beach. I just started (per Betsy’s suggestion of course) Barbara Kingsolver’s newest novel, Lacuna. More to come on that as well.

7. Run/Walk on Gulfshore Blvd. North:  Flat, sunny, breezy…it was perfect run/walk weather. And I’m allegedly running a 10K in a week, so it’s time to get started.

8. Sunset Happy Hour: We watched the sun set over the Gulf after raiding the liquor cabinet (thanks, Dad). Betsy prepared an amazing plate of apps for us. Parmesan cheese and dates on Glutino crackers (or plain), farmstand carrots and hummus. It was a perfectly clear, Green Flash night!

9. Dinner: We recreated a recipe we made last week at my house. GF pizza (dough I froze and brought from home) with goat cheese, caramelized onions, pears, and rosemary. It was awesome, and we have leftovers for lunch! Salad with watermelon beets, Crasins, red onion, and balsamic. Red wine, of course. We drank Bliss, an organic Cab. Bliss actually describes it well.

10. Reading and journal time before an early bedtime…(Betsy stayed up to watch Duke whamp UNC)

It’s going to be a good week.

A Decade of Music

PASTE magazine recently released lists of the “best” (music, books, film, games) of the decade. As the decade rapidly comes to a close, I thought I would list my own…some are the same, but many are different.

Here’s my criteria:

1.  It had to be an album that I enjoyed in the truest form–not just one or two great songs.

2. It had to have been stuck in my “CD changer” for an extended period of time

3. I often go back to it, and I never get sick of it.

4. Something that I PERSONALLY really enjoy, not just something that I think I am supposed to like.

MOXIE’S BEST ALBUMS OF 2000-2010 (in no particular order…)

10. Ryan Adams: Heartbreaker (2000)

9. Bon Iver: For Emma, Forever Ago (2007)

8. Patty Griffin: Impossible Dream (2004)

7. eastmountainsouth: self-titled (2003)

6. Caroline Herring: Lantana (2008)

5. Andrew Bird: The Mysterious Production of Eggs (2005)

4. Sufjan Stevens: Come on Feel the Illinoise (2005)

3. Indigo Girls: Despite Our Differences (2006)

2. Dave Matthews Band: Lillywhite Sessions (2000)

1. Iron and Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days (2004)


Wilco: Sky Blue Sky

David Gray: White Ladder

Justin Timberlake: FutureSexLove Sounds

Radiohead: In Rainbows