I heart books

"One sure window into a person's soul is her reading list." -Mary B. W. Tabor

The world is dying to know: what does Moxie read?

I don’t just love reading, I literally love books. As I write, I am sitting at a desk with 22 books in 5 separate piles.My mom tells me that when I was little I used to sleep with books in my crib. Now I sleep with two massive bookshelves in my room, one more in the living room, and three in my classroom. (I’ve slept in all three places at some point)

Finishing grad school means I can read for pleasure again for the first time without guilt. Of course, I already have a list working…and I’ve been sneaking in some pleasure reading here and there.

(being finished with grad school ALSO means you don’t have to put books in Chicago Style bibliographies, although it’s making me a little nervous that these are not…)

A Soft Place to Land Susan White. (reading with a book club this summer!)

The Emotionally Healthy Church Peter Scazzero

All the Kings Men Robert Penn Warren (how have I never read this?)

Countering the Claims of Evangelical Feminism Wayne Grudem

Black Culture and Black Consciousness Lawrence W. Levine

White Flight: Atlanta and the Making of Modern Conservatism Kevin M. Kruse

What should I add, readers?