Emily Moldy

After he attended an Open Mic Night at Eddie’s Attic, Willy B. left an album by Emily Moldy at Korea. I’m really digging her sound. Sort of a White Lauryn Hill of sorts (I think her hair is dreaded). Her website describes her as Alternative/Folk Rock/Neo-Soul. Sounds good to me. It’s a great “organize your closet” kind of music, well really, that’s just what I’ve been up to mostly.

<iframe width=”425″ height=”349″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/NYkkcFgSS74&#8243; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>


{Poetry in Motion}

After being in a sorority for four years, I swore off large groups comprised entirely of women. These days, I make one exception…The Indigo Girls.

Reader Chili T and I embarked on a journey last Friday night. A journey to the old Roxy, the new Buckhead Theater to see the Indigo Girls, who in many ways, have inspired our existence. (Now, keep in mind, Chili T and I aren’t “together,” we were just together, so take “inspired our existence” with a grain of straight salt) It was an evening of pure purity. I come away from each Indigo Girls concert thinking the same things.“Why can’t I be this passionate about other things in life?” and “This is one of the best moments of my life” also “I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!”

Many people ask me, “why do you like the Indigo Girls so much?”

Is it Amy?

Is it Emily?

Is it the indescribable feeling you get when they play/harmonize/write/jam together?

Or is it the way you go to the concert dreaming about what they might play, and they deliver over and over again?

My answer: YES.

Check out this rockin’ set list. (You might look at “Chickenman” and wonder, who is Adrian? Oh, he’s a sophomore at W whose dad manages the band. nbd.)

And here’s my personal record of the set list. Looks like I missed a few.

side bar: I used to keep these on a piece of paper in my pocket, but yet again, another reason why the iPhone is amazing–it’s great for lists, and boy (girl?) do I love lists.

Fill it up again
Heartache for everyone
It’s alright
Sugar tongue
Love of our lives
Power of two
Three hits
Get out the map

Land of Canaan
The one that got away (Fleet of Hope)
Second time around
Let it ring–Amy
Wood song
Shame on you
Chicken man into Bitterroot River back to Chickenman

(with Adrian Carter)

Closer to Fine

(with Shadowboxers and Evan McHugh)

There is so much more to say, but I’ll leave you with this image from the concert. As always, the Girls say it best.

(Shout out to Lesley, who is wondering why it’s taken me so long to do an entire post on the Indigo Girls.)


Every good traveling trip comes with a good soundtrack. (Think Elizabethtown) We made our own pretty quickly. Here’s a sample of songs that rocked our $5 speakers quite often. Our very own MapMaster often doubled as SpinDoctor for the trip.

The National: England

Aux Champs Elysées

Josh Ritter: Baby That’s Not All, The Curse

Feist and Ben Gibbard: Train Song

The Weepies: Gotta Have You

Radiohead: Talk Show Host, House of Cards

Iron and Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days (entire album)


You might think that an ipod is an individual activity, and some on our trip may have preferred it that way (see above photo), but because we wanted to be always together and never apart for the entire 45 day trip,  we made up two great group ipod game.These are great for train/plane rides or anytime you are waiting for something.

1. I choose for you, and you for me.

Supplies needed: Headphones, ipod for each person

How to Play: With 2 or more ipods, create an ipod passing rotation. Think about the person you are passing to. Choose a song based on what he/she hasn’t heard, would think is hilarious, would go crazy over, etc. Pass the ipod (keep your headphones with you). Debrief about songs. Repeat as desired.

2. On-the-Go in a Group

Supplies needed: Speakers, 1 ipod, space where you can play music out loud ie: private cars on German trains. I don’t suggest attempting this on Italian trains.

How to Play: Select the largest ipod in the group. Create an “on the go” play list. Pass the ipod around the group with each person choosing one song to add per round. Repeat as long as desired. Shuffle and play!