Suf? Is that you?

Turns out I love Sufjan Stevens. 34  years old. Super quirky. Disillusioned with albums and songs. And apparently he loves Moxie. (check out the graphic on his Tshirt). We’ve all been salivating since Illinois for his next record. Apparently he’s given up on his project to make an album for each state. I respect that, Suf. We all have to renegotiate our commitments now and then. Thanks for being honest. But really, we miss you.

I just watched the DVD of BQE–his most recent creation, which is a symphony about the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, a controversial highway in NYC (whatever that means). Here’s how he describes it in the liner notes…

And then it hits you: If skyscrapers are the ultimate phallic symbols,then then the urban expressway is the ultimate birth canal,the uterine wall, the anatomical passageway, the ultimate means of egress, and the process by which we are all born again…

I have to say, it sounds more interesting than it is. I think what really pierced me about Sufjan were his compassionate, intimate lyrics. I can appreciate instruments to a point, but I’m just not feeling this one. I wish I had some artsy, smart thing to say, but I don’t. I miss “John Wayne Gacy” and the like.

PASTE magazine’s review says it “transcends words and time and place,” but I can’t quite get into it. Does this make me a fair weather fan?

Here’s Pitchfork’s review.

In sum, although I really like the idea of BQE, and I enjoyed hearing what he was thinking while creating it, I’d still like to hear what he has to say about Maryland, Georgia, or even Alabama, and I’m sad he’s given up on his 50 states project.

“I no longer really have faith in the album anymore. I no longer have faith in the song.” –Sufjan Stevens

Maybe he’s too quirky even for Moxie…I have to admit, although I’m disappointed in this recent direction, I will be breaking out his Christmas CD, Hark, Songs for Christmas, any day now.