Hey girl.

Ever wondered what a feminist Ryan Gosling would look like? Wonder no more. There’s more where that came from here. Do not miss this. It is amazing. Thanks, breakfrontleft! Two of my favorites here. I’m a fan of any man who uses the word discursive…

next stop…Amsterdam…

Short update from across the lake: I’m leaving L’Abri (ahem, em em) and headed to meet up with Johnny in Amsterdam. I will be travelling via car, then train, then chunnel, then bus, then…I’m not sure. I will take the chunnel to Brussels, and I am considering stopping to check out the UN headquarters if it’s close by the station.

In Amsterdam I’m looking forward to the Anne Frank house, the Van Gough museum, and a WW2 museum. Also biking and canals!

L’Abri has been great, although it’s been a short experience and I’m leaving feeling like there is much unexplored. I feel like I’m just getting to the point where I can really think, and now I’m leaving.

I’ve had one semi-big epiphany. My question has been, “What is the role of women in the church?” I think what I’ve really been asking is “What is my role in the church?” Not that the first question is not worth answering, I think I’m just tired of thinking about it for now…

I’ve burned out on theology, and now I’m reading Prince of Tides (thanks, Chili T!) and Relationships: A Mess Worth Making. I highly recommend both although I’ve completed neither. 

Alice Walker at GSU

Tomorrow (!) night at 6PM, Alice Walker will be speaking at Georgia State University in the Sports Arena. Tickets are free.

Moxie will be posting more soon, I’m sure.

PS. One of my favorite books is a feminist anthology edited by her daughter, Rebecca: To Be Real: Telling the Truth and Changing the Face of Feminism