Loud and Proud: Doria Roberts

New local musician on my ipod: Doria Roberts

Today at school, Doria performed for some high schoolers because she used to be in a band with a colleague /co-coach of mine. Described as a Tracy Chapman meets Woody Guthrie, Doria is a folksy, sultry singer/songwriter. Her website bio describes her music as “a delicious, bohemian blend of folk, jazz and pop.” It says, “Doria‚Äôs versatility as a songwriter and entertainer is never lost whether she is performing solo or with her band.” After practice, I immediately downloaded a few songs, and I can’t wait to get some more. The proceeds from “Perfect” and “SOS” are going to rebuild a womens’ shelter in Haiti.

I can’t wait to go see a full show of hers at Eddies! Maybe Coach O can get me back stage…I’d love to pick Doria’s brain about a few things…

Here’s a verse from “SOS”

So now we’re running with this weight on our backs

And we’re watching each step on treacherous and narrow paths

But every time there is a fork in the road

We are just getting used to our heavy loads

And we’re so tired from the choosing that we haven’t got the strength for trying

And I’m so tired of living just because I am afraid of dying

But I won’t give up fighting for this pilgrimage I call surviving