Somebody that I Used to Know: Gotye

Sister introduced me to this artist/video/song over Thanksgiving. Brother and I played it on repeat while touring Philly yesterday. It’s been in my head ever since. Listen hard to hear the lyrics.

FYI the artist’s name is pronouced Go-Tee-Yay. Catchy isn’t it?

The Civil Wars

Although this is NOT my favorite American History topic, “The Civil Wars” is quickly becoming one of my favorite groups.

Check out this song that’s been on Grey’s Anatomy. I discovered them on PASTE. I also like how the lead singer kinda looks like Johnny Depp…

Emily Moldy

After he attended an Open Mic Night at Eddie’s Attic, Willy B. left an album by Emily Moldy at Korea. I’m really digging her sound. Sort of a White Lauryn Hill of sorts (I think her hair is dreaded). Her website describes her as Alternative/Folk Rock/Neo-Soul. Sounds good to me. It’s a great “organize your closet” kind of music, well really, that’s just what I’ve been up to mostly.

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