Art Journaling and Hope

Hope begins when the memory of what was becomes a longing for what is to be restored

–Jan Myers The Allure of Hope 

This morning, I “art journaled” for the second time. I think two years ago, I would have scoffed at this concept. These days I’m a bit more open to cheesy things. Just a bit. Still mostly closed. I’m a words person. When I go to an art museum, I find myself busy reading the descriptions on the side rather than taking in the visuals. I want to stretch myself to think and express myself in images.

We often hear people say, “I’m just not creative.” I have probably said that many times in my life. But in fact, I’m creating things all the time; teaching is a beautiful form of creation.

What’s cool about art journaling besides the product is the process. In a room full of others working on their own images, we get ideas and work with others to move in and through our own hearts. Part of me wanted to be alone in a room with lots of paints and supplies, but I soon began to see the beauty having others around to help me when I was stuck, to show me techniques, to think through the deeper significance of a simple image. It speaks to my tendency to hole up inside myself and work alone, and it encourages me to move out in faith with others.

See my first attempt below.

Pretty good for a “non artsy fartsy” person, right? What do you think it means?  I’d actually like to know…

2 responses to “Art Journaling and Hope

  1. That’s awesome, moxie. Love that you’re doing this – and I agree with you – if we really believe that all of life can/is an act of worship in response to God’s grace, then certainly this art can be that! If we’re made in the image of the Creator, then…;)

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