We are driven because our work brings us power and pride that dulls our deeper desire for delight.

We are far more practiced and comfortable with work than play. We are far better at handling difficulties than joy. When faced with a problem, we can jump into it or avoid it; we can use our skills or resources to manage it. But what do we do with joy? We can only receive it and allow it to shimmer, settle, and in due season, depart; leaving us alive and happy but desiring to hold on to what can’t be grasped or controlled.

Joy is lighter than sorrow and escapes our grasp with a fairylike, ephemeral adieu. Sorrow settles in like a 280-pound boar that has no intention of ever departing. One calls us to action and the other to grace. Which is easier: to work for your salvation with self-earned power of self-righteousness or to receive what is not deserved or owed, but freely given and fully humbling?”

–Dan Allender


One response to “Work/Rest

  1. I guess this speaks to the predicament of being human, eh, mox?! No matter the free beauty and joy of grace, we still cling to the bondage of control and certainty. ARGH! The cycle continues…
    yet, GOD NEVER GIVES UP ON US, even though we may often give up on ourselves.

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