The Civil Wars

Although this is NOT my favorite American History topic, “The Civil Wars” is quickly becoming one of my favorite groups.

Check out this song that’s been on Grey’s Anatomy. I discovered them on PASTE. I also like how the lead singer kinda looks like Johnny Depp…

6 responses to “The Civil Wars

  1. I am not familiar with this music group…but so far, based on this video, don’t think it would be my choice for music. It does remind me a little of that scene from the movie Once when Glan and Marketa sing Falling Softly…

    • It was a major topic of conversation of course. Apparently it was actually LESS this time than last time Andy and Emily saw them. Frankly I think the woman is kind of dripping with 17 year old sensuality which can make her a little weird to watch. She’s very friendly and perky on stage.

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