Check out Wendell Pierce on Twitter. He’s “Bunk” from The Wire.

He’s got provocative things to say about The Help from an African-American perspective.

Wendell Pierce

@WendellPierceWendell Pierce
The movie The Help was painful to watch. This passive segregation lite was hurtful. I kept thinking of my grandmother who was The Help
Wendell Pierce

@WendellPierceWendell Pierce
I never knew my mother had raised white children until we saw this movie.I was shocked.She was hurt by the film.She thought it was an insult
Wendell Pierce

@WendellPierceWendell Pierce
The story was a sentimental primer of a palatable segregation history that is Jim Crow light.
Wendell Pierce

@WendellPierceWendell Pierce
We never tell their stories alone. In Hollywood a black woman’s story has to be coupled with a white person’s story to validate it.
I can almost hear him saying, “Ya happy now, bitch?” 
The last comment is the most compelling to me. Are movies into “black” and “white”? Do white people go see Tyler Perry movies? Are white people only interested in The Help because it is from the voice of a white woman?
I can’t wait to see this movie. Is it better to read up on it beforehand, or allow myself to go into the movie untainted and try to form my own opinion. It’s a little late for that now…

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