Why the Communism?

Ever wished you could be back at school, but without the awkward lunch room/locker room/school bus situations? If so, you should check out the Khan Academy. Sal Khan has videos on pretty much everything (although lacking in the area of history a bit).

I found this one on communism. If you’ve never read Marx’s Communist Manifesto, this is a nice little crash course. Khan’s political leanings are clear, but he does a great job mapping out different types of government and how communism came about, how it works, and where several modern nations stand today.


2 responses to “Why the Communism?

  1. Hmmmm, perhaps awkward and often brutal, those school-house interactions are a part of us. Can’t imagine school without them. School is more than just learning stuff from video. Donde estan the RELATIONSHIPS with people that make school real…the stuff that makes me want to TEACH?

  2. agreed Chili T. A video certainly can’t be equal to a relationship. But sometimes I wonder if all of this PBL focus should come after a basic framework. Ex: if I wanted my students to understand systems of government, wouldn’t a video such as this be a good place to start?

    Would love your thoughts.

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