Why the blog?

Today in a workshop we are discussing why we blog and should we have students blog? These are hard questions. Our facilitators have asked us to do a sample blog on any topic.

1. Why do I blog?

It started during grad school for me. There’s only so much discussion you can have in class, and learning about race/gender/class was new for me. I had a lot to say and a lot to process. Also filtering it through the gospel was essential. I found I needed an outlet. It seems there is some audience for it, but then again, maybe it IS just egocentric. I do wish that more people would respond and comment to encourage more of a dialogue. How can I adjust my writing to evoke thoughts from others? Some of my friends think that I am the expert on these issues, and maybe I need to do a better job expressing that I’m certainly not. I’m working all of this out bit by bit, and never fully or perfectly.

I also think it’s helpful to respond to what I’m reading/thinking/listening to instead of simply being a consumer of ideas. This is what I want from my students, so I need to model it.

2. Should students blog?

My gut reaction is an emphatic yes. But it’s complicated (much like race/gender/class). How do we organize them if all teachers want to have a blog? How can students create a digital portfolio that will track their progress and process throughout their classes and through the years. I think it can be so valuable, especially as we seek to integrate disciplines. Mostly I want kids to learn and share…over and over. Be participants in their learning. Be actively engaged. Be curious. Do research. Hear from each other…

I have a feeling it’s going to be a crazy exciting year.

4 responses to “Why the blog?

  1. I am in favor of students blogging. That being said, it will be a full time job to read the posts and interpret/monitor them. I think many of us process our thoughts and feelings by writing. So much information and stimuli comes ‘at us’ on a daily basis, that having a chance to write a response or write about our thoughts helps us to grow intra personally and understand what is important. Reading other’s responses to the same topics would be invaluable. Filtering incidents through the Gospel helps us to look at ourselves/and others more clearly. The goal of Loving God and loving others helps us to shift our paridigm, discern ways to change and grow and mostly realize how redeemed we really are!

  2. Engaging post, Mox, and beautiful response by Marme. I’ve been inspired to blog more this year than ever. While I’ve been a daily handwritten journal-er since my wee days, I think the aspect of SHARING is what’s critical – for connection – for expression – for clarity of thought and feeling — both for us AND our students.

    I would love to try blogging and see if I can wrap my head around students doing it too…
    learning and LISTENING and gaining experience and knowledge from each other.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Marme and Chili T. Chili, looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on your BLOG!

    Excited about hearing from students more this year than ever! Writing is better than a conversation because it’s recorded and marked!

  4. Thanks for posting your thought about the session – I appreciate the “thinking out loud” aspect of blogging and creating potential for dialogue. In a community, no one person has to read all the posts. We can all have a “TV” but watch different channels and programs. We don’t have to tune in to every channel or program.

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