Why We Travel

This article sent to me by BetsyGlutenFreedom, made me revisit my “places I want to go on my next big adventure” list. This NYT article “Why We Travel”, speaks to why certain locations make hot spots, why others don’t, and how political atmosphere, natural disasters, etc. affect where people travel. The author makes a case for traveling to places that won’t make for a quite, peaceful tourist destination.

IN the bungling and bellicosity that constitute the back and forth of history, worsened by natural disasters and unprovoked cruelty,  humble citizens pay the highest price. To be a traveler in such circumstances can be inconvenient at best, fatal at worst. But if the traveler manages to breeze past such unpleasantness on tiny feet, he or she is able to return home to report: “I was there. I saw it all.” The traveler’s boast, sometimes couched as a complaint, is that of having been an eyewitness, and invariably this experience — shocking though it may seem at the time — is an enrichment, even a blessing, one of the life-altering trophies of the road.

Currently on my list:



Greek Islands



West Africa

Hong Kong

USA National Parks

However, this summer, Moxie will most likely hole up in Naples and do some writing/reading/thinking while restoring the “travel fund” after last summer’s sumptuous sortie…

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?


3 responses to “Why We Travel

  1. Thailand – not only is Thai my favorite cuisine, but I know so very little about this culture and its beautiful people; I can only imagine the flavor to discover…

    Vancouver – I have always been enamored with the Northwest region of our country, but I’d love to venture even farther into Canada and explore this Pacific haven…

    Alaska – I’m intrigued by rugged wilderness and raw outdoors, and the “Great Land” of Alaska seems to offer that pristine gift…

    Others on my extensive list, whose names alone warrant reasons for why we should “get out the map”:
    New Zealand
    Nova Scotia
    southern Spain

    pinch me, I’m dreaming, but I’ll keep dreaming…

  2. Glad you liked the article, Moxie. After going on a poorly timed trip to Japan, me thinks for summer travel I’ll be staying in the States. (Going against the thesis of the whole article.) Colorado, Montana, Oregon and Vermont are at the top of the list right now. (Can you tell I like to avoid the summer heat?)

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