Never thought I could say I’m not looking forward to Friday. But today I know junior high students all over the country, and especially in a certain secluded pocket of Buckhead, will be singing Rebecca Black’s thoughtful lyrics about the upcoming weekend. I doubt there is any chance Moxie readers haven’t heard it, so I’m not going to post a link. I don’t want any part of making her rich. Here’s to hoping students also want to learn about World War I today…

I’m just thankful “Sunday comes afterward…”


2 responses to “Friday.

  1. anonymous email I received this morning:

    As I watched the Rebecca Black-Friday video, I was remembering how (back in the ‘60’s) we used to ride all over town perched on the back of a convertible. So safe and fun!

    Such a good message, looking forward to the weekend, partying, partying. I wonder if any of these kids in the music video would like to come over and help weed the garden, rake our yard or clean our gutters? They all looked [like such] diligent hard working children.


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