Friends and Readers,

I cannot resist posting on this most recent Wire news, especially since over 40 people have found Moxie in the past two days searching for her. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

Many of you have sent me articles surrounding “Snoop’s” recent arrest. Almost exactly a year ago, I posted this about “Snoop.” Yesterday, she was arrested along with about 60 others for allegations surrounding heroin and marijuana. Of course I don’t know the whole story, so I won’t pretend to. Although it is sad to think of anyone living a life on the streets dependent on drugs, it somehow legitimizes The Wire even more. Life and art intersect here in Snoop’s situation. She didn’t just play a fictional character, she played herself. And long after shooting of the HBO series had ended, the same problems, even the same people, exist in Baltimore. It sounds like a huge drug bust; McNulty would be proud. But even if 60 people are momentarily removed, it doesn’t touch the deeper problems facing the community. What will it take for true change?

Dr. Love sent me this article from Deadspin, which links to the scene I mention in my first post.

Also check out what David Simon (creator of the show) says about it…(Thanks to VinegarBased for this one).

I agree with Simon in some ways–it feels callous to even comment on what’s happening, because her story is not my story.  I’m writing this while I gaze at the Gulf of Mexico in a bathing suit. Who am I to judge what’s going on with her?

I wonder how this story will end. Will she clean up for good? Or will her life be a continuous cycle in and out of jail? Here’s to hope for Felicia…


3 responses to “Snoop

  1. It is sad news. Addiction and life patterns are incredibly difficult to break. The devil uses them against us. The good news for Felicia is that no matter how many times she fails, redemption and healing is always there waiting for her. And that’s good news for all of us.

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