Full Moon

I like this poem, but I don’t know why. What does it mean?

Full Moon

Robert Hayden

No longer throne of a goddess to whom we pray,
no longer the bubble house of childhood’s
tumbling Mother Goose man, 

The emphatic moon ascends–
the brilliant challenger of rocket experts,
the white hope of communications men.

Some I love who are dead
were watchers of the moon and knew its lore;
planted seeds, trimmed their hair,

Pierced their ears for gold hoop earrings
as it waxed or waned.
It shines tonight upon their graves.

And burned in the garden of Gethsemane,
its light made holy by the dazzling tears
with which it mingled.

And spread its radiance on the exile’s path
of Him who was The Glorious One,
its light made holy by His holiness.

Already a mooted goal and tomorrow perhaps
an arms base, a livid sector,
the full moon dominates the dark.


2 responses to “Full Moon

  1. VERY cool that Bevery Tatum came to speak at Westminster. I bet she was really interesting. As for exploring your own racial identity, Jay has done a lot of post-grad work in this area and could probably recommend some great books if you’re interested.

  2. How did I leave this on the wrong post AND spell “Beverly” wrong? I will copy and paste my comment to the correct post AND correct the spelling. Excuse my pregnancy brain. (I can blame it on that, right?)

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