Diet Coke

One of my greatest internal battles–Diet Coke. I love it so much. And it has such a deeply-seeded place in my life.

It gets me through afternoons with three classes in a row, or picks me up before lax practice

It is perfect with Mexican food (or really any lunch food)

Great for road trips

Delicious on the beach (where I will be in two weeks!)

I can’t decide if it’s the caffeine or the fizz, but either way, I’m an addict.

But maybe it’s bad for you?

In my extensive research on the health problems/benefits I found the Mayo Clinic’s take:

Diet soda isn’t likely to hurt you, but healthier options abound.

Well said. I appreciate their lack of sensationalism and their balanced approach. However, I might try to give it up for Lent…and replace it with La Croix…


3 responses to “Diet Coke

  1. homegirl…
    did that very same “replacement” with La Croix about 4 years ago, and I ain’t never turned back. I hearted diet coke like there was no tomorrow, but sister…this engine feels so much cleaner, now! YOU CAN DO IT, MOX!

  2. I agree with Chili T! I love La Croix. Sprite Zero is a pretty good tasty treat too. (Still has all the fake sugars but not the caramel coloring, which is hard on our tummies.)

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