Regalos de sus manos

This poem, written by Moxie’s most loyal reader, Chili T, kicked off our “Embracing Differences” assemblies last week. In Guatemala, Chili met a woman with life circumstances extremely different from her own who helped remind Chili that our God-given identity surpasses the earthly divisions we create.

Regalos de sus manos

She kneads the masa

with swift, deft rhythms

as meal grinds against flesh

She is an artist, molding clay

She bends and cradles each piece

and the mound softens and warms to her knowing touch

The rhythms of her work have meaning

The dough she’s created and made

from the earth

feeds a family – her own.

She needs the people –

those who inhabit the old photos she shows me:

hermana, amigas, novio, esposo, hijos

and their names:

Alfredo, Wilson, Evaline y Sonya

Her narrations, too, have rhythms

She is a storyteller, sharing the contents of her life –

her love –

with a stranger,

and nourishing me with gifts from her hands.


-CT (reader Chili)


5 responses to “Regalos de sus manos

  1. You humble me, lady…and what an incredible “Embracing Differences” week you helped create last week…
    and a wonderful lead-in to our further exploration of race and identity with next week’s guest Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum!


  2. I just watched someone kneads his pizza dough the same way….molding it, bending it, cradleing it, he just showed me how he does it… Scalloped pizza tonight! I love that when we gather around a table for a meal and break bread together, our differences and grievances seem to fade…

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