{True Sisterhood}

And no, I don’t mean my (former?) affiliation with the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority…

True Sisterhood is a group of four women with ages ranging in four decades who get together (remotely) and talk about their stories. They are authors, speakers, scholars, and women with stories of deep pain and deep beauty. Each week they record a podcast. I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation. Here’s how their website describes their mission…

Our private thoughts reveal a lot about the breakdown of relationship among women, even (and sometimes especially) Christian women. We’re catty. We’re envious. We compete and compare. We look to our bodies, our achievements, our men, and even our spirituality to give us what we lack. Addiction and vice soon become our favorite solution to what we may not even realize is our deepest problem: loneliness.

Turns out, we need each other more than we’d like to admit. The True Sisterhood exists to demystify the drama of female relationship by modeling authenticity and vulnerability, so we can navigate life no longer alone.

Because I’m in a similar group, what our church calls “quads,” I was eager to hear how this group worked. Over Christmas break I feasted on their words. I was hooked as soon as I listened to the first, self-titled podcast where the women discussed how the ideal of “effortless perfection” can be paralyzing and destructive for women. They discussed their desire to strive for authentic relationships where they dealt together with “sin in the present tense,” turning into the brokenness that characterizes all of our lives and sharing it with trusted friends.

In our group, we are making some serious breakthroughs. After missing one of our members who went to Uganda to adopt a two-year-old boy (!), we all came back together this week. It was a sweet time to be together and hope for each other. I’m thankful for these friendships, and I’m excited about what’s to come as we begin to share our stories. I’ll be honest, it’s a little scary. But I know it’s going to be good.

2 responses to “{True Sisterhood}

  1. I should add that I already have great sisters–one blood related sister, and many more non-blood sisters have accumulated over the years. They have each taught me a lot about how to be honest about our messiness, and we have supported each other through lots of good times and bad times!

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