This day in history…1861

…Georgia voted to secede from the Union. Check out this NPR broadcast that woke me up this morning. Contrary to popular belief, there was much dispute over secession in our state. Most interesting to me is Alexander Stephens’ 1861 speech attempting to persuade Georgians to cooperate rather than fight the north. It also sheds light on the centrality of the issue of slavery to the war. He later became the Vice President of the Confederacy.

ATLANTA, GA (WABE) – Today is January 19th, and if we were to turn Georgia’s clock back 150 years to this date in 1861, we’d find delegates at a state convention in Milledgeville voting to leave the Union. Here, Georgia State University historian Cliff Kuhn talks with WABE’s Steve Goss… © Copyright 2011, WABE

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