Switch Witch?

This morning in the locker room, I overheard a very well-meaning mom talking about her family’s newest Halloween tradition.

Essentially, she took her four-year-old trick-or-treating, let her choose 14 (because she’s 4) pieces of candy, and gave the rest away to “those less fortunate.” In the place of candy, the child woke up to a brand new toy the next morning. The mother explained to her child that the “Switch Witch” had performed this exchange. The mother was oh-so-proud.

In addition to creating the tradition in her own family, the mom passed out fliers to her entire neighborhood, and was proud to share with her friend that she had delivered over 600 pieces of candy to the “less fortunate” via the Ronald McDonald house.

I’m just a little bit confused. I’m all for teaching children to eat less sugar, but when did our privileged Buckhead minds get so deranged that we are confusing keeping our children from eating sweets with charity? When did poor people (or anyone for that matter) start needing candy? How is this helping anyone? Why would you call the person who executes this switch a “witch?” Why wouldn’t you give the TOY to the poorer child?



3 responses to “Switch Witch?

  1. A couple of other observations…

    1) She counted the candy. 600 pieces. If time is money, then she wasted some there.

    2) Did the less fortunate kids get their candy after Halloween? I know we’ve already established that giving out tons of sugar isn’t the smartest charity auction, but – for Pete’s sake – let the “less fortunate” celebrate like the rest of society: on the actual day of Halloween.

    My tone makes me sound upset. I’m not. Actually, I’m quite entertained. And fairly bemused.

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