The Age of Adz

Now, admittedly, I have not yet purchased this album. But I’ll be honest, I’m a little bit nervous for my November 6th experience after reading this PASTE review. More than the concert, I’m worried about Suf himself. Is he having a crisis of faith? Has deconstruction taken him so far out to sea that he can no longer see the shore? Was BQE a breaking point from which he will never return? I’m all for existentialism, but I like a chorus I can hum to. The author describes the album as “synthetic dissonance”…am I going to enjoy that? Am I disillusioned about Sufjan’s disillusionment? Maybe the crisis of faith is mine…This comment encourages me, “The lyrics are filled with an earnest desperation that’s rougher, more visceral and more demanding of noisy accompaniment than the story songs on Illinois.”

But will he play “Casimir Pulaski Day?”

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