A word on growth and healing

“Francis Shaeffer used to say there should be substantial healing in the life of a Christian–not complete, not perfect, but substantial.

We should begin to see the first fruits of the victory of the Seed of Eve: a growing confidence in our being loved by God, and a growth in loving Him;

a growing acceptance of ourselves and a delight in the renewing work of the Spirit within us;

a readiness to love one another more fully as days go by and to extend that love to more and more people and so to break down one barrier after another;

an increasing commitment to offer our lives in every area to the Lordship of Christ;

a steady confidence that though our bodies will decay he will not leave us unclothed but will swallow up our mortality with life,

and with this a growing delight in the good gifts of God that we are to share with others in anticipation of the glory that will one day be ours.”

–Jerram Barrs, Through His Eyes

*Emphasis and spacing added by Moxie


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