The One Who Got Away…

I don’t know what I did wrong, but this student certainly did not feel he benefited from my class. Knowing this child, his responses actually make me giggle. I mean, first of all, giving your name was optional. Who writes comments like this and puts his name on it? That is my first clue that this child is a little…off.

I think my favorite part is “everything seemed kind of out of date.” Granted our text book was published in 2004, but c’mon, even if I’d been doing the same exact thing for 6 years (which I haven’t), how old could it be? Also, he knows it’s a HISTORY class, right? I also like that he “didn’t feel like he did much of anything.” Awesome.

It seems to me that he’s the One Who Got Away…

  • This teacher presents material in creative ways using a variety of materials,methods and resources. (technology, etc.)


She uses different materials, but they aren’t always creative.

  • I can speak to this teacher openly and honestly.


On most occasions you can, but not all.

  • Homework in this course helps me better learn and understand the material.


It didn’t help me better learn it because it was more of a review.

  • The assignments (tests, quizzes, papers, homework, projects, etc.) reflected what we learned in class.


It did, but not completely.

  • This teacher’s feedback is helpful and valuable in helping me learn.


I don’t really think the feed back is good at all, but at least she gives some.

  • My grade accurately reflects my effort, performance and abilities.


I don’t think we do much stuff so I don’t put much effort into it. I got a high grade with little work.

  • I felt challenged in this course.

Strongly Disagree

I didn’t feel like I did much of anything.

  • This course helped me to see the world differently.


I did for some places, but definitely not all of them.

  • This course helped me to communicate my thoughts, opinions, and understandings of topics.


We got to give our opinions in class usually.

  • This course helped me to understand views that are different from my own views.


I guess it did, but not very well.

This course helped me see how this subject connects to real-world applications.


I think everything seemed kind of out of date.

The time spent in Office Hours working with my teacher helped me improve my understanding.

Strongly Disagree

I came only twice. These were when World Cultures was last period and I stayed a little late.


3 responses to “The One Who Got Away…

  1. Really, brosef? You put your name on your evaluation form, and THEN wrote stuff like this? He obviously has a lot to learn (though he might not fully agree, as is his custom). Is he still in your class?

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