Power Over Prejudice

On September 23, another teacher and I will be taking 10 students to this conference in Atlanta. I’m really excited to see the impact this will have on our community. I think the key word here is “indifference.” Our community’s issues are not so much overt racism (although we have had recent events of that nature), but passive inaction. As long as this goes unexamined, racism will continue to cripple our efforts to “provide the best possible education for young people.”

Here’s the description on the website…

“This event brings teams of middle school students together to participate in a one-day workshop on prejudice and discrimination.  Students spend the day, in small breakout groups, learning about the impact cultural, racial, ethnic, socio-economic and physical indifference’s have on their peer group.”

3 responses to “Power Over Prejudice

  1. I’ve taken groups the past two years—it is great! Make sure you schedule a time of discussion after the event. I’ll be bringing my kids on the 22nd. Next year we’ll have to reserve the same date!

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