Czeching the Praugress…

We’ve been in Prague for 5 days now, and it’s been glorious. We rented an apartment in Old Town right near the square, so we are in the middle of all the action! It can be kind of loud in the evening, but nothing too outrageous. Mostly it’s fun to be so close to everything!

We’ve spent long hours just roaming around enjoying the magnificent views around every corner. The buildings are just spectacular! One of the coolest parts is the Tower Clock, which does a whole song and dance thing each hour during daylight. Look up the particulars, it’s cool.

I’ve also become a fan of the afternoon nap. It’s so luxurious to sleep when you feel tired in the middle of the day instead of powering through it.

Prague is certianly a tourist town, and we’ve had fun watching the ridiculous tourists take silly pictures all over town. We’ve seen lots of women striking what they seem to consider “sexy” poses while their significant other snaps a photo. It’s bizzare and borderline sketchy.

In terms of history, we went to the Jewish Quarter and saw parts of the old Jewish cemetary there, although we didn’t actually pay to get in. Apparently, that was the only place it was legal to bury Jews, so there are graves 10 people deep. Crazy.

This morning I went solo to the Communist museum. The coolest part was a video they showed of people protesting against communism in a main square here called Wenceslas Square. Behind the footage of the police beating and spraying the people they played this song. I loved the lyrics…

Karel Kryl – Thanks
Lyrics – translation taken from this fan site

God created, created a branch
So as I could make wreaths
Thanks, Thanks for the pain
That teaches me to question
Thanks, Thanks for the failure
That teaches me to work harder
So that I could bring a gift
Despite my weakness
Thanks, thanks, thanks Thanks

Thanks for the weakness
That teaches me to be humble
To be humble with joy
To be humble without any bondage
Thanks, Thanks for tears
That teach me to be sensitive
To be sensitive for those who suffer
Who suffer and cry out for mercy
Thanks, thanks, thanks

Thanks for the desire for beauty
That gives me something to long for
Thanks for the fact
That love combats spite
For the sweetness
Sweetness of falling asleep
Thanks for the feeling of tiredness
For blazing of fire
For rushing of rivers

Thanks for the thirst

That was revealed by my weakness


Thanks for the torment

That inspires good deeds.

For the fact

That I love

Although my heart is constricted by anxiety

Lamb, Thank you

You did not die in vain.

Thanks, thanks, thanks

It always moves me to see people finding hope in pain. It’s quite redemptive.

Tomorrow, off to Vienna, then Salzburg (sound of music!), and then Munich before hitting up Italy!


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