next stop…Amsterdam…

Short update from across the lake: I’m leaving L’Abri (ahem, em em) and headed to meet up with Johnny in Amsterdam. I will be travelling via car, then train, then chunnel, then bus, then…I’m not sure. I will take the chunnel to Brussels, and I am considering stopping to check out the UN headquarters if it’s close by the station.

In Amsterdam I’m looking forward to the Anne Frank house, the Van Gough museum, and a WW2 museum. Also biking and canals!

L’Abri has been great, although it’s been a short experience and I’m leaving feeling like there is much unexplored. I feel like I’m just getting to the point where I can really think, and now I’m leaving.

I’ve had one semi-big epiphany. My question has been, “What is the role of women in the church?” I think what I’ve really been asking is “What is my role in the church?” Not that the first question is not worth answering, I think I’m just tired of thinking about it for now…

I’ve burned out on theology, and now I’m reading Prince of Tides (thanks, Chili T!) and Relationships: A Mess Worth Making. I highly recommend both although I’ve completed neither. 

3 responses to “next stop…Amsterdam…

  1. nice update. I loved Amsterdam. Had a great time in beautiful Vondel Park picnicking and people watching.

    What this blog could really use is a picture…please, just a head shot of you drinking a little coffee?!!!

    miss ya, mox!

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