One other interesting nugget about my trip–I met a Nigerian man on the plane from Frankfurt to London named Fredrick (probably not the name his mother gave him). I asked him if he was traveling for business or pleasure, and he said, “No, I’m coming to London to bury my father.” How tragic, I thought. I think I’ve learned not to shy away from topics like these as I’ve matured, so I asked him some more questions.

We got to talking, and I learned more about him. He just earned his masters in chemical engineering, (a bit more practical than a masters in history) and when I asked him if he wanted to live in London, he said, “No, I am passionate about justice, and I want to see justice in Nigeria.” He explained the different political and military factions in the nation, and he told me that he was a part of the minority group who had less access to education, etc. It was fascinating to hear which people groups have power and why. Fredrick told me he wants to work for change in his nation. Could that be considered black nationalism? I didn’t go there…

He asked to look at the back of the book I was reading–The Water is Wide by Pat Conroy. I ended up finishing it on the plane and giving him my copy. I hope that this chance meeting is indicative of many more fascinating people I will meet on my trip.

Side bar: I don’t expect to be in communication this much during the remainder of the trip, but our London hotel has access to a computer 24/7. Just to manage your expectations…


2 responses to “Fredrick

  1. Glad you made it safely. Welcome to the Pat Conroy world…did you enjoy Water is Wide? That’s not my fave of his, but they’re all great reads.

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