Director of Fun and Transportation Liason

Director of Fun

We arrived in London this morning at 8:00AM. None of us slept more than a wink on the plane, but John and I synched our plane TV’s to simultaneously watch “The Fabulous Mr. Fox,” which was hilarious. By some act of mercy from God we made our connecting flight in Frankfurt (really? Frankfurt to get to London?) since our flight was over an hour late leaving “The City of Brotherly Love.”

Needless to say, we were more than a little wiped when we arrived at Heathrow. Thanks to the suggestion from a good friend, we decided to assign each other specific roles for the trip. John has been designated “Transportation Liason,” and Tara “Director of Fun.” I’m in charge of accomodations and budget. I’ve yet to come up with a clever title.

John did a great job weaving us through the Tube and getting us to our very charming B&B. London is absolutely spectacular. We’ve been walking around most of the day, and we stopped for a long nap in Hyde Park. The weather is crisp and sunny. Ok, off to see what the Director of Fun has planned for the afternoon! We are most likely going to watch soccer in a pub near our hotel.

Ta Ta for Now,



8 responses to “Director of Fun and Transportation Liason

  1. Have tons of fun! London is one of my favorite places- you should do Fat Tire Bike Tours- so fun.
    Forgot to tell you we had a ball in Naples! Thanks for your suggestions!

  2. I’m kind of jealous that you Budget Director. I dig that kind of stuff.

    Can’t believe we’re getting to hear from you in Europe! I know it’s only a different continent, but my mind inadvertantly likens it to time-travel. Hope you’re having a blast!!!

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