Where in the World is Moxie?

Next week Moxie and Co. are heading to Western Europe for the trip of a lifetime. People keep asking me if I’m “backpacking” through Europe. I guess since I’ve never been there, I pictured backpacking to mean people sweating and trekking over the Alps slurping stream water out of a Nalgene to get from place to place and eating GORP. Now I realize it just means taking a backpack as your primary luggage and hopping on a train. So yes, I am backpacking. Hostels? We’ll see.

I’m getting ready to take lots of pictures of things I would probably see in the US but seem cooler in Europe, such as the one above of a cat eating something dead in the street. I also plan to take tons of photos featuring obvious architectural structures, but maybe I will hold the camera at a diagonal to make it more interesting. Maybe I will leave the shutter open to make the city lights blurry. I will be sure to post 5 albums of pictures to Facebook with no people in them… It’s hard not to be obvious when traveling to Europe, especially since pretty much everyone I know has already taken this trip. I HAVE to see things like the Eiffel Tower, the David, etc, but will they be a let down??

I find there are so many tensions that come with a trip like this: Stay in one place a while/see as much as I can; hit the big spots/go off the beaten path; know what I want to see and plan out each place/be spontaneous…but don’t feel too sorry for me. I’ll be just fine.

Here’s our itinerary as far as we know

June 17-19: London

June 19-25: L’abri in Liss, England

June 25-27: Amsterdam

June 27-July 2: Prague

July 2-10: Vienna, Munich, Salzburg, Lucerne

July 10-22: Florence, Cinque Terra (tentative), Rome, Pompeii.

July 22: Fly to Paris.

July 22-24: Normandy

July 24-31: Paris (Versailles)

August 1: HOME!

I realize the gift of this trip is extravagant and a huge privilege. I am grateful and humbled to be taking a trip like this. I don’t deserve it. It’s good to remind myself that I didn’t do anything to earn what I have been given, and I am thankful.

I also realized that this is the first place I’ve traveled to that hasn’t been colonized/imperialized by Western culture…so that will be interesting to explore…more to come on that.


9 responses to “Where in the World is Moxie?

  1. are flying delta? having just flown delta transatlantic this week, check out the “Americana” genre on the complimentary CDs offered: andrew bird, patty, ryan adams, avette bros, & more…woohoo! but no caroline!!

  2. You are already missed, Euro-Moxie! I hope you run into Carmen Sandiego while you’re abroad, and we can’t wait to hear of the coming adventures!


  3. Moxie, I’m loving the blog … and your new alter-ego, well at least new to me. So glad to now have your site … your posts are so clever. Hope you have safe travels and I can’t wait to hear about your adventures! You should definitely write a book one day …

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