History Lesson With Jerry Seinfeld

Whenever I teach World War II, I always show my kids this clip.

Seinfeld History Lesson

It’s amazing how true this can be. So hilarious. It also has the best SNL cast of all time in there…or maybe it’s just that these guys were in the cast before I had friends and went out on Saturday nights…hard to say.


3 responses to “History Lesson With Jerry Seinfeld

  1. Love it. Favorite line: “Are you sure because I think that they did?” Or maybe: “Who came up with that name… ‘Europe?'”

  2. The girl’s (Melanie Hussell, I think…not like I didn’t NOT go out on Saturday nights either…) facial expressions are PRICELESS. “Mr. Thompson, I thought you said we weren’t going to have to know any dates…”

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