Things I never did as a student…

Ms. [Moxie],

Over the weekend, I participated in a series of educational contests including a geography bee. I have worked extremely hard to prepare for this and the school bee held earlier this year. Can I get extra credit for these competitions? I can bring the notes I have taken to school if you would like to see these also. Thank you for your consideration on this matter.


[Geography Enthusiast]

Dear [Geography Enthusiast],
I am so proud of all you have accomplished geographically and otherwise this year. Your passion for maps and places has been a vital asset to our class. I will certainly miss having you to tell us about the transference of national ownership between small South American islands next year.
That being said, I don’t think it would be fair to the other students to offer you extra credit for work you have done outside of class and on your own accord. Also, currently, your average is 96. You don’t need any extra credit!!!

I think all of the glory, honor, and enjoyment you have already gotten out of geography is sufficient!! I hope you understand.
See you tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to your project on the Himalayas.


Ms. [Moxie]

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