Pedicures are Gluten-Free!

Yesterday, following my oral exam (which I passed, btw), Maury and Betsy accompanied me to soak my feet and my soul at Nouvelle: A Westside Nail Salon. Since I’ve had less than excellent feet work done with both of them recently, I was eager for something better. Nouvelle came highly recommended by many of our fellow Atlanta Westsiders. After a hot water bath for our feet, we were placed in semi-inverted position with our legs elevated in a cushy chair. It was divine.

An hour and only $28 later…we emerged with soft feet and beautiful nails, although I’m not 100% satisfied with the color. Maury and Betsy would not let me get dark purple on May 7, nor rich girl red. I decided to go with “Dim Sum Plum,” part of OPI’s new Hong Kong line, you know, since I teach World Cultures. It’s a touch perky for my taste, but it’s ok. Next time, I will go with my gut. I’m so edgy.

I don’t think I will be going back to Nail Talk and Tan anytime soon. It was the perfect way to spend a post-exam afternoon! And as Betsy remarked, pedicures are gluten-free!


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