burn out

  1. 1. How did woman’s history become gender history?

2. How does studying gender help us to understand empire?

3. What does the culture of space as an object of analysis reveal about colonial history?

4. How does the study of gender bring together private and public spheres?

5. How does the study of consumption bring together gender and empire?

6. What is the historic relationship between feminism and Marxism?

7. Is gender study feminist?


6 responses to “burn out

  1. I think #7 is really provocative, madam. Maybe you can talk about it on Friday…

    Furthermore, I love the pictured collage of your work space…the cast of light amidst the interplay of books, pink sticky notes, papers, and…
    is that a beer on your desk?! 🙂

  2. hahha. yeah actually, I don’t know the answer to that yet. I’m thinking no.
    Gender asks what is masculine and feminine in a society, while feminism seeks to expose the hidden history/study of women. hmmm….
    and–not beer, cider! Naturally Gluten Free!

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