A Wednesday Rant

I know I gave up cynicism, but I’m having a bit of a relapse today. I’m kind of in a bad mood. Lots of things are annoying me. I thought I’d make a list of things that especially bug me. Uplifting, I know.

1. Overstatements: ex- “This is the BEST day ever!” “That is the craziest thing I have ever seen!” etc. No, it’s not.

2. Encores: We all know it’s coming. I REFUSE to clap and cheer for a band when I know it is coming right back out. Ryan Adams (a-hole as he may be) is the only artist I’ve ever seen just walk off of the stage. And I respect that.

3. Indirectness: When people ask you a question about your preference in order to convey their own preference instead of just saying it. ex:  “Would you rather eat at ________??” It leaves me to wonder what they really want, and I’m expected to read between the lines. Not cool.

4. People who don’t turn right on red. Come on.

5. Reply-to-all’s at work. ugh. (misuse of a list serve is up there, too. No, I don’t want your old cat, nor your faux-wood Walmart bookcases you are SELLING for $25)

6. Lacrosse players who don’t turn in their uniforms on time leaving me to hike to the summer camp on numerous occasions. UGH! (that one’s a little bit more specific to my current circumstances…)

7. Being trapped in a conversation when I’m in a hurry. (or just don’t want to be talking to that person)

8. Watching someone use a computer who was born before 1970.

9. Yogurt juice. Gross.

Conclusion: If people were more like me, the world would be a better place.


15 responses to “A Wednesday Rant

  1. Moxie’s feeling sassy today. For the record, encores are TOTALLY on my list. It’s not exciting, it’s obligatory.

  2. Mox, your refreshing rant, complete with honest curveballs, reminds me of SNL’s skit, “the honest planet.” Tell people how you REALLY feel, yo!

  3. Oh no. I’ve been known to overstate from time to time. Is that so bad? It’s a bit of a family motto–“never let a detail get in the way of a good story.” Sorry, if I’ve annoyed you, my friend! 🙂

    I think I’m pretty clear on the others though. Love your honesty! I’d rather you be honest than suppress all the cynicism.

    • Is it an Averitt family motto to also use “the word next door?” 🙂
      I love your stories, Em! Living together for 3 years I’m sure we offended each other a lot, but I don’t remember now! ha!

  4. A little cynicism is always healthy, moxie. Amen on the uniforms. Why is it such an annoying process?
    There’s a private school in Baltimore that is THE WORST about abusing the ‘reply to all’ at work. (Oh woops, violation of annoyance #1, overstatement.)

  5. I’ve seen Derek Webb and he refused to do an encore. I respect that, although I didn’t want one anyway.

    How about people who are merging and they completely stop in their lane to wait and get over ….even when they have their own merge lane ahead. This bad driving habit is the utmost worst in my book!! They do this even when signs are posted that say “KEEP MOVING”…. which is a totaly unecessary sign.

    If people were all like you, mox, then you wouldn’t be salty. I love salty.

    • Em Em,
      Are you talking about getting of 400 North at Lenox Rd? That IS such a pain!

      That’s funny about Derek Webb. You crack me up!

      And thanks for the salty encouragement, I can’t seem to escape it. guess I’ll just have to own it:)

  6. I’m talking about anywhere. People don’t seem to know how to merge into moving traffic. You don’t have to wait for a mile stretch of no cars coming…. you often have your own lane, no less!!!! so don’t stop and hold up everyone… i understand if you’re from out of town, or the sticks, or Birmingham, but if you live in Atlanta it’s necessary to go ahead and learn to merge.

  7. Given the tapestry of comment threads, Mox, I think Wednesday’s rant helped us ALL vent! THANK YOU!

    Oh, and BE GONE with you list serve! For the LOVE of emails sent to “All Faculty and Staff,” especially if they are about puppets or kittens or invites to fruitcake clubs. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

  8. NUMBER THREE. AHHHHH!!!!!! I wish I were more of a foodie so I had more of an opinion re: where I’d like to eat. Seriously, I think people really appreciate honesty in this regard. Decision time eating away at dinnertime. Come on, people.

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