Felicia Pearson aka Snoop

I just started Season 4 of The Wire (for the second time), and the opening scene remains among my favorites. This time I used subtitles, and it helps.  One thing I love about the show is that the writers don’t over explain or even begin to explain everything. As a viewer, at first you have no idea what she’s saying. It took me several episodes and a call to my brother to confirm her gender much less interpret her mumbled jargon.

Maybe this is a deeper metaphor for what the writers are trying to address. These issues (politics, drugs, government systems) are so complicated and so dysfunctional that beginning to bring about true restoration is like trying to communicate with someone speaking a different language. We can’t understand. We can’t do it.  The Wire shows us that lower crime stats, more money, and new faces do not solve the deep problems that plague communities like Baltimore. Their need is for something so much greater.

Part of what makes the show so authentic is that these “characters” are often really playing themselves. Many are Baltimore natives. Many have been “in the game,” and many are essentially playing themselves. Check out this Interview with Snoop

I wonder if her book is any good…


3 responses to “Felicia Pearson aka Snoop

  1. I looked through her book at the store. While I know her story is worth reading, the book itself seemed hastily put together and cheesy. BUT, I think I still think her story is worth knowing. The Wire is so amazing. Maybe you should write a book on what makes it so good and then give me some money for giving you the idea?

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