Historical Memory

“The past is not dead ground, and to traverse it is not a sterile exercise. History is always changing behind us, and the past changes a little every time we retell it. The most scrupulous historian is an unreliable narrator; she brings to the enterprise the biases of her training and the vagaries of her personal temperament, and she is often obliged, in order to make her name, to murder her foremothers by coming up with a different take on events from the one that held sway when she herself learned the discipline; she must make the old new, because her department’s academic standing depends on it.” -Hilary Mantel, Guardian (U.K.), October 17, 2009.

(Gendered perspective changed by Moxie)


3 responses to “Historical Memory

  1. I don’t. But my thinking is…if “man” is supposed to include both men and women, then couldn’t “woman” do the same? Moxie is gendered feminine after all.
    PS. according to the dictionary, foreFATHERS is a word, but foreMOTHERS is not. hmmmm

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