“success and excess”

“People are reaching the top, using all of their means to get money, power, and glory – and then self-destructing. Perhaps they wanted success in the first place or didn’t like what they saw when they finally achieved it.”

We’ve been reading Judges in Bible study, and I’ve been thinking about idols that remain hidden in our lives. Sometimes the worst thing that can happen to you is to get what you’ve always wanted.

Check out this article on the way success can ruin us. Success and Excess

I especially like Mary’s story. Here’s a few quotes from her.

Achievement, Bell begins, is the alcohol of our time. These days, the best people don’t abuse alcohol. They abuse their lives. “People brag to me that they’re working 80 hours a week, giving their lives to the company store,” Bell says. “It’s heartbreaking. Those people are prime candidates for self-destruction.” The reason is simple: “Our bodies will produce the pain we need to get our drugs.”

Telling your story gives you the power to get beyond it. You tell your story, and you tell it again. You tell it until the sad part is over and the mad part kicks in. “Once I could tell the story with the emotional content, with feelings, it became my story – not some fantasy that was controlling me. Knowing your story frees you up to have your own feelings,” Bell says, “and your feelings are what get medicated away in an addiction.”


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