Have I taught them nothing?

The last line of a paper I graded today…

Although Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman doctor, never married, she had a huge impact on this world today.”

YIIIIKES. I have a lot of work to do here.


4 responses to “Have I taught them nothing?

  1. admittedly, I think her impact on this whole world today (and beyond?) could’ve been huger if she had just married. at least once.

  2. “Behind every good man is a great woman”

    Recently a male client said this to my boss intending to compliment me in front of several other people… My boss nor I knew how to respond?? I half-smiled awkwardly at client and thought about what I would say if he weren’t a client!!! What would you have done moxie?

    Client is from West Virginia. (Being from Alabama, I did have to cut him some slack.)

  3. WOW. Em, I probably would have said something like “does she have to be behind him to be good??” But it might not have been appropriate. Maybe you could talk to your boss afterward and see what he thought. If he agrees with you, he could help you think through an appropriate way to stand up to situations like that without being offensive (not that you owe him that, but I understand the relationship is important).

    You have a tough challenge in a male-dominated work environment. I’m glad to see you taking this on in such a moxie way:) Keep it up!

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