Best SOUNDTRACKS of the decade

The top 10 list is back by popular demand.

I don’t claim to be a movie buff, but I do love a good soundtrack. In fact, I have memorized every word to every song on the Reality Bites soundtrack, and I’ve never even seen the movie. Remember when Ethan Hawke tried to be a singer/songwriter? FAIL.

Again, in no particular order….

1. Almost Famous

2. Garden State

3. Stranger Than Fiction (that’s a shout out to the lead guitarist of Spork, Johnny)

4. Once: It’s sort of a musical, which would initially disqualify it, but it’s too good not to put on the list.

5. Slumdog Millionaire

6. Royal Tenenbaums

7. O Brother Where Art Thou?

8. Save the Last Dance (a break from the traditional, but it was a staple in my disc man for many college workouts)

9. Juno

10. Reader’s Choice! –what do you say, faithful readers?


8 responses to “Best SOUNDTRACKS of the decade

  1. The Body Guard…. which just happened to also be my first CD. Love to belt it out & dance to this one!! (So, I also loved seeing Whitney at Lenox mall a couple years ago.)

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