In a philosophy class this summer, a salty professor posed the question “what is freedom?” As it turns out, no one really knows. Freedom is a founding principle of our nation, and something we might say is an essential human right, yet what does it actually mean? What do we want to be free from, exactly?

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with a little freedom of my own. Freedom from gluten. Without going into details, I’ve been suspicious that something is wrong with the way my body is processing food. Mostly I’ve just felt “off” for a good while, and it’s seems like time to figure out why. With the support (group) of a few celiac friends, I’m trying this out.

So far it’s been one week and one day, and I’m loving it. (Other than increased grocery bills…)

Side bar: Of course, an actual wheat intolerance would prove much more difficult with the whole cross contamination issue. These poor people can’t eat anything that has even existed in the same air with gluten. This means salad tongs touching someone’s plate or a flour tortilla that brushes up against some okra. yikes.

I CAN have…

1. peanut butter

2. chocolate

3. corn chips and salsa and hummus

4. sweet potatoes

5. red wine

I CAN’T eat…

1. homemade pumpkin bread (thankfully, Betsy brought me some gluten free pumpkin muffins that were spectacular (check her out at

2. Kashi TLC crackers

3. beer

4. My mom’s homemade apple pie

Overall, I feel really great. I’ve had lots of energy, and I’m sleeping better than ever. It hasn’t been super hard yet…and I’m not 100% sure it’s the solution, but for now I’m sticking with it!


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