Life Together (not Bonhoeffer)

I am working toward a non-works righteousness, but sometimes it’s hard not to look at other people and think they have things “pulled together.”

I know, I know, it’s not true. Why is that so hard to believe? As a good friend says, “It’s like we can’t help but compare ourselves to others and their accomplishments rather than focus on what God’s asking ME to do.” But still.

Here are  some outward signs that a woman’s life is on track. Got any to add?

1. She makes her bed every day pending natural disaster.

2. She listens to NPR.

3. She runs because she loves it.

4. She keeps a budget, and she doesn’t blow it for red patent leather pumps.

5. She effortlessly keeps plants alive.

6. She can close her email for extended periods of time while she works.

7. She has a path.

8. She uses free time constructively.

9. She regularly vacuums her car.

10. She anticipates her friends’ birthdays well enough in advance to send a card in the mail.


2 responses to “Life Together (not Bonhoeffer)

  1. Sorry this is going to be cynical. This sounds just like the Proverbs 31 woman and I’ve always thought she didn’t sound like any kind of fun.

  2. I hear that, emem. It’s not that I want to BE this person necessarily, I definitely see the beauty in not having things together. But there is something captivating about a person who has i’s dotted and t’s crossed, so to speak. I just marvel at it.

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