Tim Keller

I’d really like to know more about his faults…(besides the abundance of typos in his published Bible studies….but I assume interns proof those), because he seems just incredible.

This month Redeemer is offering a bunch of Tim Keller’s sermons for free because of the RENEW campaign. They are currently doing a series on the Gospel, Hope, and the World. Sermon titles here are about hope…for the world, life, work, family, and the poor. 

I’m not sure why sermons aren’t always free…but enjoy!

Here is the link:

4 responses to “Tim Keller

  1. The one titled “Hope for the Family” is the best sermon on marriage I’ve ever heard. Oh how we love you, TK.
    You make idol worship legit…JK
    (I really am learning things in Judges study, I swear!)

  2. I’ve actually never listened to a sermon. Shame on me, I know! He’s coming to speak at the National Cathedral this Thursday night, and we might go see him. Thanks for the link b/c I’ve got to hear him.

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