Finally some sunshine

I don’t necessarily buy any key to the future or happiness,

but I need a little place in the sun sometimes or I think I will die

–Patty Griffin, “Moses”


Today is the first crisp, sunny fall day we’ve had after so much rain, and it is simply glorious. I am always amazed at how the emotional connects to the physical even though I have believed that to be true for quite some time now.

When it rains for days at a time, I feel like I am caught in a dramatic short story, and a clap of thunder warns that something bad is about to happen any minute. Or maybe the mundane grayness is saying something deeper about my emotional state. I start to get into the pathetic fallacy of it all, and I ask questions like,

“What about my spirit is damp?”

“Where am I sinking?”

And then the sun comes out.


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